Space Station Leonis

1. The game

Space Station Leonis™ is a single-player PC game designed for the Windows XP platform (it is also compatible with Windows Vista). The game’s narrative is set in the 23rd century, on the space station Leonis which is orbiting around the planet Earth. The game consists of two different game modes:

1) Role-Playing Scenario Mode: In this game mode, students take on the roles of characters who they guide through interactive narratives, making choices that have far-reaching effects on the game world.

2) Simulation Mode: In this game mode, students take on the role of the first President of the space station, and bear the responsibility of developing the station’s infrastructure, building up its economy and managing its diplomatic relations with other parties.

2. Learning activities

The Space Station Leonis™ curriculum is a nine-session learning program where students enact citizenship through game play, discussions, and individual and group tasks. The activity cycle of each lesson lasts two hours.

In the first hour of the lesson, students play the game for an average duration of forty-five minutes and log their rationale for their game decisions in a wiki.

In the second hour, students participate in a teacher-facilitated whole-class dialogue on Social Studies and Citizenship Education issues, based on the game experience and related real-life cases. The programme culminates in a final assignment that requires students to create artifacts to promote a campaign advocating their position on a social issue.

3. Publications

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