Ideal Force: Overcoming misconceptions in projectile physics

Project title:
Ideal Force: Projectile physics in a game-like VR learning environment
Project ID: LSL 1/05 CYS
Funding: $49,446

View the demo movie (streaming):

In this project, we developed a multi-player computer game intended to help students address three common projectile physics misconceptions. The misconceptions are:

  • The greater the angle of elevation, the greater the distance travelled by a projectile
  • Projectiles on their ascending trajectory are increasing speed and vice versa
  • If one object is dropped from an elevated point and another is projected forward from the same point, then the projected object will take longer to reach the ground

The game supports two teams of players, the Red Team and the Blue Team, with a maximum number of six players in each team. Controlling either a helicopter or a tank, players must collaborate to destroy the command base of the opposing team.

This project was embarked on with the primary goal of developing the research team's technical capacity in game design and development for serious games.

Sample screen shots:

The game lobby

A tank battle in progress

Intercepting a missile

Bombing two domes simultaneously


Chee, Y. S., Liu, Y., & Hong, K. S. (2006). Weaving pedagogy into gaming: Learning design principles for developers. In R. Mizoguchi, P. Dillenbour, & Z. Zhu (Eds.), Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Computers in Education (pp. 495–498). Amsterdam: IOS Press. [pdf]


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