Learning by Immersive Simulation in a CAVE Environment

The advent of immersive virtual reality technology like the CAVE introduces new and exciting dimensions to the way we can engage in learning. Immersive virtual reality, coupled with high performance computers, can provide visually realistic large-scale simulations that engage users in first-person experiences. This project explores how we can leverage on these intrinsic properties of the CAVE to create engaging, simulation-oriented, immersive environments for learning.

In pursuit of the above goal, we have developed HYPERWorld, an interactive and authentic simulated environment where students can engage in experientially-grounded learning on the principles of mechanics. The unique feature of HYPERWorld is that it hosts multiple worlds (sea, land, and space) which students can traverse and explore, thus enabling them to generalise the knowledge they gain in a world context.

The HYPERWorld space

This project was done in collaboration with iHPC (Institute of High Performance Computing)
and CiR (Centre for Internet Research)


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