Goal-based Techniques for Clinical Problem Solving


  • To develop a multimedia-rich simulation-oriented learning environment to train medical students in the management of foetal abnormalities.
  • To provide a realistic but safe learning environment in the medical domain which covers a wide range of problem situations that maintain case richness within each situation.
  • To provide a learning system which is practice-oriented and focuses on skill acquisition while also promoting conceptual understanding.
  • To advance the practice of object-oriented multimedia systems development and to develop useful reusable object components for the medical training domain.


System components include:

  • Patient Profile : Tracks basic patient details such as age, sex, race, symptoms, results of laboratory investigations, X-ray pictures, and treatment administered.
  • Monitor : Tracks the actions of the user and responds appropriately. Also grades student performance. Incorporates element of time criticality.
  • Profile Generator : Used by the instructor to specify case parameters such as age, disease, symptom severity, etc. and generate a consistent patient profile for the session.
  • User Interface : Includes areas for user input, graphics, video, prompts and questions by the system, and summary of current session.



Mission Context:

  • Mission : The primary goal the student pursues within the GBS. 
  • Cover story: The premise under which the mission will be pursued.

Mission Structure:

  • Mission focus: The overall organization of the students activities within a GBS.
  • Scenario operations: The activities the student performs in pursuit of the mission.

Strengths of a GBS:

  • Very concrete
  • Highly situated
  • Deeply experiential
  • Supports authentic practice


The Fetal Abnormalities Management System being exhibited at the
Alumni Day Exhibition held on 5th Sep 1998 at the Clinical Research Centre, National University of Singapore.

The Fetal Abnormalities Management System being demonstrated at the
National Information Technology Awareness exhibition held on 20th Mar 1999
at the School of Computing, National University of Singapore.

This project was a collaboration with NUH & COFM (Community Occupational & Family Medicine).

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