• To apply the instruction methods of cognitive apprenticeship in the design & implementation of a multimedia, interactive learning environment for Smalltalk programming.
  • To provide support for learning novice-level Smalltalk programming, including both domain knowledge and domain skill.


  • The system fulfills two roles: that of an instruction presenter and that of a coach.
  • The instruction methods of cognitive apprenticeship are adopted: modeling, coaching, scaffolding and fading, articulation, reflection, and exploration.
  • The system takes the students in a step-by-step fashion from the most elementary topic (interface orientation) to the most advanced topic (the MVC architecture).
  • QuickTime movies are used to show an expert presenting information to students, and Macromedia Director animations are used to present instruction on concepts and skills necessary for Smalltalk programming.

SmallTALKER was reviewed in a recent book by Tom Boyle (1997), Design for Multimedia Learning (Prentice-Hall), pp. 73-75.


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