Current research project at NIE

From Print to Digital: Re-defining Narrativity for Interactive Digital Media (SADM project)

Visit the Game-based Learning Initiative (GLI) web portal. [Static Archive]

International research collaboration with Griffith University and Deakin University, Australia

Serious Play research project

NRF/MOE Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Projects

Legends of Alkhimia: Fostering Authentic Learning of Chemistry within Fictionalized Game Environments

Trans-contextual Learning: Student Learning with Mobile Devices in a Persistent-world Game to Construct Meaning and Identities

Research at the Learning Sciences Lab, National Institute of Education

Statement on New Media, New Literacies, New Schools

Office of Education Research: Strand Statement on New Media & New Literacies

Completed research projects at LSL, NIE

Level up: Enhancing classroom teaching and learning with game-based learning (S$399,555)

Ideal Force: Overcoming Misconceptions in Projectile Physics

Fostering the Development of Argumentation Skills

Improving Thinking and Writing Skills through Argumentation, Enactive Role Play, and Reflection

Developing Students' Deep Understanding of Electromagnetism through Game Play

National Education through Game Play

Living online, learning to be: Investigating discourse and performance in the play of identities and construction of self ($49,100)

Research projects completed at the National University of Singapore

C-VISions: A Distributed Desktop Virtual Reality Environment for Simulation-based Learning

Elva: an Embodied Converstional Agent in an Interactive Virtual World

Multi-user, Immersive Hot Air Balloon Simulation (iHABS) System

Mind Bridges

Learning by Immersive Simulation in a CAVE Environment

Goal-based Techniques for Clinical Problem Solving



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